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Residential Real Estate Investment has long been a fragmented business when it came to single and multi family properties on the smaller scale. 2-4 family properties represent an amazing opportunity for experienced owners but an even greater opportunity for first time home buyers. We also recognized that the market was underserved in the 5-30 unit properties as well.

Residential Services Group was born to apply a business approach to helping our clients buy and sell single and multifamily investment properties.

For nearly three decades, Sentry Commercial’s Brokerage & Advisory division has offered local, regional, national and international commercial brokerage and advisory services to our clients. Our personal, long-term, service-based approach is supported by an experienced staff that utilizes some of the most extensive data available in our industry, providing you the information and analysis to allow you to make informed, data-driven decisions.


We plan to leverage Sentry Commercial’s long-term experience making our company unique to others in the markets we serve.

  • Property Analysis
  • Repositioning
  • Buyer representation
  • Expense Analysis
  • Sales
  • Investment Strategy
  • Financing Considerations



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