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Maintenance & Management Services, Plus Strategic Support Designed to Protect and Fortify Your Investment

From bookkeeping, energy bidding and operating budgets to 24/7 emergency services, seasonal inspections and weekly walk-throughs to ensure all maintenance items are handled wisely, we safeguard you from surprises and help keep your tenants or employees happy. But effective property management – which should include attention to asset development when done right – involves a whole lot more than landscaping and responding to complaints.

What you can charge your tenants, how quickly you fill space, employee satisfaction and productivity, and the value of your commercial property can all be significantly impacted by effective, professional property management.

Our owner’s perspective sets us apart from the others. Sentry Commercial’s Commercial Property Advisors, property management division is a Southern New England commercial property management firm that’s built a reputation on excellence since 1984. Founder Mike Levin started the company because he wasn’t satisfied with property management services provided by others for buildings he owned. He continues to ensure staff has an owner-advocacy mindset first.

Your talents allowed you to become an owner.

We’ll help you enjoy the riches that come from smart and thoughtful commercial property management.



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