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What is the Sentry Commercial Advantage?

At Sentry Commercial, we believe in a collaborative, caring culture that focuses relentlessly on the long-term success of our team, our clients and our community.

1. A company specifically started in 1991 to change the delivery of locally-based commercial real estate brokerage and advisory services by creating a collaborative culture that leverages the use of technology and collective human capital/expertise to the benefit of our clients.

2. While our competitors can utilize new technology, because their culture operates from an outdated approach to brokerage and advisory services, they can not leverage that technology for the benefit of the broker or, more importantly, the client. (i.e. their culture encourages individualism, not collaboration).

3.CRE brokerage firms use terms like customer-centric, care, collaboration and focus to convey a feeling of trust. At Sentry Commercial, these are the words by which we measure our success. How do we measure success?

  • Do we retain our client base?
  • Do we receive client referrals?
  • Do our service providers have the necessary technological tools to provide timely, accurate data to our clients?
  • Are our service providers trained on the technological tools being provided?
  • Do our service providers provide the relevant data necessary for them to provide our clients?
  • Are our clients being provided the CRE services required to simplify their commercial real estate decisions and maximize their CRE performance?

There’s nothing special about the specific tools we use for constant collaboration. The special part is how we integrate, apply and use them. By giving our CRE team access and control over a true collaboration environment, they can always know and share the information affecting every client.

True client focus requires knowing how information affects clients on a business, regulatory and human level.

It’s vital to show how it impacts them in the region, neighborhood, and street where they work and collaborate with the broader community. We talked about one of many real-world examples in a recent Sentry Scoop blog about our long-term relationship with our client Hands Up.

Few brokerage firms know how to really take advantage of computer networks to make their firm’s culture customer-centric, collaborative and focused.

We’ve created a business culture that makes it easier for people, processes, and technology to work together seamlessly, and that is the heart of the Sentry Commercial Advantage.

You’ll only need to look at our success stories and talk to our clients to see that we are the CRE firm partner you want to work and collaborate with.

Keep this in the back of your mind and let us know how we can help!




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