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Warehouse & Distribution Developments Could See Resistance

According to the Hartford Business Journal, some cities and towns have become increasingly hesitant in welcoming new warehouse and distribution developments, despite the growth in tax revenue and jobs. The residents of these towns are raising concerns over pollution, congestion and noise, causing local governments to consider land-use controls.

Mark Duclos, President of Sentry Commercial says “I don’t think there’s any question we are seeing that, if you want to call it nimby. Towns are getting pushback from citizens who don’t want to see it in their backyard, like South Windsor.” Duclos also said “higher hurdles contemplated in some towns will likely drive developers to look elsewhere and it’s slowing down development. There’s plenty of demand out there. What we don’t need is even less supply. That’s a challenge.”

Click here: Warehouse, logistics development boom could see broader resistance for more information.

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