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The Value of Relationships in CRE

Going beyond business is what develops lasting relationships in commercial real estate. Our team at Sentry Commercial values the relationships created, and the trust acquired with our clients and partners. We believe that optimal results form from relationships like these – and that it’s true for just about every business.

Curt Gemme, our Director of Business Development, mirrors this to our team and throughout his leadership. “How a client feels about me matters. Good CEOs make more effective decisions based on who they are working with,” Gemme explains.

Patiently getting to know and understand the people that we are working with at a human level is top priority, bottom line. 

In order to facilitate these significant relationships, we build upon the following:

  • Creating rapport
  • Earning trust
  • Putting ego aside
  • Having charisma
  • Being authentic
  • Remaining vulnerable
  • Working collaboratively 
  • Demonstrating care and support  

Sentry Commercial does business with the people, not the buildings. The recommendations and referrals often derived from previous profound relationships have resulted in great success. Despite that, we are the gatekeepers to the very services and offerings that our clients desire, the relationships created are an integral part of our clients’ and partners’ success stories.

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