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The Malloy Budget Proposal

Mark Duclos

So, now you have seen it! The long awaited budget proposal. Kind of hit just about every person you can think of. At least in concept. Of course for some people (yes, businesses included) it is NOT conceptual…it is clearly defined how they will take a direct hit. Others who will share in the sacrifice???…Well, their “share” is not as well defined. Kind of a “we need your help…so give us some ideas” kind of sacrifice.

And while it’s nice to talk about “The First Five”, it’s even nicer to talk about how we will cut the cost of doing business in this state. Hats off to Oz Griebel on his comments to the Hartford Business Journal (see Malloy’s First Five…). While the Governor’s “First Five” initiative is a positive symbolic announcement, it is just that…symbolic. REAL economic development starts with people on the street pitching the state AND the creation of a competitive environment. And with all due respect to the CTC, our comparative measure of being cost competitive should not be the State of New York!

So, in my mind we have two components of real economic development. TELLING people you care and SHOWING them you care. The Governor’s announcement at least starts TELLING companies that we want them to grow here…now let’s start doing the hard part…start SHOWING them!

Keep smiling!


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