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SunHydro ribbon cutting in Wallingford CT – A look at the future. A look at TODAY.

Mark Duclos

(10/15/2010) I had the privilege of attending the SunHyrdo ribbon cutting for their brand new hydrogen fueling station (see article below). Interesting stuff! Attendance included Gil Sperling of the US Office of Energy, Congresswoman, Rosa Delauro, Tom Sullivan, owner of SunHyrdro and Proton Energy Systems, as well as Rob Friedland, President and CEO of Proton Energy Systems. And while it is always fun going to ribbon cutting events, I can’t remember the last such event that made me think that” tomorrow/the future” is actually TODAY/HERE.

We all hear about hybrid cars, fuel cell technology, clean energy, green buildings etc. etc. etc. Yet many of us are skeptical of just how much of an impact these efforts/ideas/initiatives will have on our everyday lives…in the near future. Well yesterday we got a first-hand look at how these concepts aren’t just about the future…they are happening TODAY. Yes, hydrogen fueled cars with hydrogen filling stations. We saw examples of public hydrogen filling stations (the East Coast Hyrdogen Highway) and private filling stations (yes, one at your own house).  But MOST of all, we saw how a “can do” entrepreneur can take a progressive idea and “make it happen”. Tom Sullivan’s vision turned into reality yesterday. Made possible by vision, know-how and a ‘can-do” (make that a “will do”) attitude.

Hats off to SunHyrdo, Proton Energy and Tom Sullivan. Great to see things happening at SunHydro and Proton Energy! Great to see things happening in Wallingford CT! Great to see that the “future” is TODAY!

See attached HBJ article: SunHydro

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