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Silverman Group Purchases Industrial Portfolio

New Jersey based private equity and real estate development company, The Silverman Group, has purchased a large, multi-state industrial portfolio from Rubenstein Properties.  15 properties of the 28 property-portfolio sale are located in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. The 15 properties, totaling over 1 million square feet, are located in Cheshire CT, Manchester CT, Windsor CT, Springfield MA and Westfield MA.  Total purchase price for the entire 28 property portfolio was reportedly over $183 million.

Connecticut and Western Massachusetts properties include:

345 McCausland Court, Cheshire CT                         143,115 SF

169 Progress Drive, Manchester CT                           84,000 SF

227 Progress Drive, Manchester CT                            17,955 SF

249 Progress Drive, Manchester CT                          30,000 SF

118 Sanrico Drive, Manchester CT                             40,896 SF

135 Sheldon Road, Manchester CT                            60,000 SF

20 Utopia Road, Manchester CT                                36,000 SF

50 Utopia Road, Manchester CT                                60,000 SF

80 Utopia Road, Manchester CT                                 .92 Acres

428 Hayden Station Road, Windsor CT                   60,000 SF

430 Hayden Station Road, Windsor CT                   48,000 SF

436 Hayden Station Road, Windsor CT                   60,000 SF

460 Hayden Station Road, Windsor CT                   42,000 SF

570 Cottage Street, Springfield, MA                        175,000 SF

323 Lockhouse Road, Westfield, MA                     220,000 SF


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