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Seth Godin – The Forever Recession

Mark Duclos

Many of you know I am a big Seth Godin fan. I think Seth “gets it”. Rather than talking about the successes of yesterday, Seth spends time talking about the need to come to terms with today and tomorrow. Our government continues to spend more time protecting the past rather than creating a future. We lean on “time tested theories” that worked yesterday, rather than realizing that yesterday matters very little. Today and tomorrow is very different than yesterday and the sooner we realize that the better we will be. But that takes courage. Unfortunately (in my opinion) courage that most of our leaders just don’t have.

Take a look at Seth’s most recent blog. And while your first reaction will be that he is claiming that factories won’t be around in the future, it’s not that all. However, factories that don’t innovate or continue to be more and more productive will continue to struggle. Factories that do innovate and become more productive will survive and thrive. However in both case that means downward pressure on job growth. Stop kidding yourself, in either instance those jobs aren’t coming back the way they used to (i.e. “like yesterday”). It’s because our world has changed. We need less people to do what we used to! And the sooner we force our leaders to recognize that change (versus appeasing the populace) the better off we will ALL be. That means Republicans, Democrats, Independents, the poor, the middle class and the wealthy. In five words…Force our leaders to LEAD!

See attached blog: Seth Godin

Keep smiling!


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