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Sentry Commercial Property Management’s Snow Removal Safety Tips

Winters without a property manager can be challenging! Keeping your tenants and their visitors safe is paramount!

Proper snow removal and maintaining clear pathways is always a challenge. Property owners have to go beyond just making sure the job is done. They have to make sure the job is done correctly and safely…


Snow removal planning is just as crucial to safety as is operational knowledge with snow blowers and snow plows. This includes:

  • Pre-planning of where snow will be thrown and piled to consider pedestrian and vehicle traffic viewpoints, and avoid access hazards
  • Snowblower and plow pre-inspection to remove objects that may cause surface damage or become projectiles
  • Inspection of roofs, eaves powerlines and tree limbs that may cause falling snow or ice hazards
  • Develop clear protocols for how and when the property will be plowed following a fresh snowfall.

The goal is to clear the way for your tenants without blocking them in with snowbanks or creating a situation where injuries or damage can happen to people, vehicles or property.


Salting and snow removal contracts can have hidden safety issues that may not be top of mind with commercial property owners. Here are the most important considerations requiring careful planning:

  • Avoid excess salt that can be harmful to vegetation and enter water tables
  • Have someone on site to monitor snowfall events and the snow removal process for quick problem resolution
  • Define all details of the frequency, promptness, and process in third-party snow removal contracts
  • Insert a termination clause to avoid major penalties for clear quality or that addresses prompt guideline violations
  • Ensure the snow removal process and the contract meet city regulations to ensure safety and legal responsibilities are met or exceeded

Winter property maintenance is a challenging full-time job, which is why many owners turn to an experienced commercial property management firm. They have the track record, contractor partnerships, and experienced personnel to handle these aspects in ways that save you money and keep your tenants happy.

In fact, Sentry Commercial’s Commercial Property Advisors, Property Management Division has been helping property owners with maintenance, management and strategic support since 1984.

Keep these tips in the pack of your mind and stay safe this winter!


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