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Mixed signals in the industrial re markets.

Mark Duclos

Everyone is seeking input on just where the industrial real estate markets are headed. Frankly, I think we are all trying to believe we are headed on our way back. And while I believe this (markets heading up) is the case, the fact is that for every one of me, there is probably one person that believes the opposite (we’re headed down) and one that believes we’re staying the same (yes, going nowhere, fast!).

I just read this article on CityFeet MarketWatch (CityFeet.com) and, while the article says we are headed up, as you read on, it puts a number of qualifiers on that position. Jim Dieter, Executive VP of Industrial Brokerage at Cushman & Wakefield, a guy who has been around for awhile and knows a thing or two about the national markets, recently released his mid-year comments. I thought you might enjoy his perspective (go to C&W Mid-Year Report).

Keep smiling!


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