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Manufacturing coming back to the US?

Mark Duclos

Lately there have been a number of articles about the return of manufacturing to the United States. The reasons vary…from off-shore labor costs increases to increased productivity here in the US. From difficulty in off-shore quality control to reduced energy costs here in the US. Whatever the reason, this return to the US has been happening for a couple of years and appears to be gaining momentum. That’s good news for the United States. For Southern New England? The jury is out. While Southern New England has been a benefactor (I just recently completed two significant transactions with clients who are sending less business to China) it might see limited benefits (as compared to other parts of the country – Right to Work states will likely be the biggest beneficiaries). Southern New England continues to predominantly be an “added value”, “precision”, “high tech” environment. Many of these jobs never left.

Here are two recent articles on the subject:

CoStar: Is Industrial Property’s Turn Next?

Worcester Telegram & Gazette: Factories Roaring Back

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