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Is It Really the Best Time to Purchase Commercial Real Estate?

According to Forbes’s recent article the “Best Time In A Generation To Purchase Commercial Real Estate,” there are a handful of reasons, regardless of the economic climate, that argues why small business owners should purchase their commercial properties.

At Sentry Commercial, we represent a number of small-midcap companies that are always struggling with this decision, to own or not to own!

This article actually breaks down the reason for owning but then makes the ultimate statement in the final paragraphs…The reality is that market conditions will almost always make it tempting to own your property BUT, as they said, owning is NOT for everyone!

Access to capital, access to debt, flexibility, expansion, liquidity, etc. are all considerations in this undertaking. That said, it’s a good read and small businesses should take into account all variables before making the consideration for purchasing.

Read the full article here! 

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