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International Property Measurement Standards

Spent a week in London a couple of weeks ago, same week as the Brexit vote. What a week! I was in meetings and presentations for about 3 of those days. One presentation that caught my attention was from the International Property Measurement Standards Coalition. Seems this group has got together to try and solve the age old issue of just how you measure a building!

Right now there are too many ways to measure a building and NONE are any longer the “gold standard”. And yes, the lack of ability to agree on the size of a building does have an effect on its value!

So IPMSC has decided to tackle this task and it looks like they are making progress! Nothing final yet but I will keep you posted on how it goes. In the meantime, see link below for more info on the project.

International Property Measurement Standard: https://ipmsc.org/

Keep smiling!



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