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Industrial ports in Connecticut

Mark Duclos

Yes, two blogs in one day! Catching up after the holiday drag.

Did anyone catch the Malloy administration’s interest in the possible expansion (creation?) of Connecticut’s ports?  While I am not sure you need to spend a half a million bucks on a study to see if ports are good for the state, I do believe it’s very nice to see our Governor looking at the issue. You can have all of the “Hartford-New Britain” bus lines you want…but those (the bus lines) don’t CHANGE how we do business. And Connecticut NEEDS to CHANGE how we do business! While Europe is struggling, it will return and so will its exports! And as the article says, they’re reconstructing the Panama Canal. The new Panama Canal will handle bigger fleets and route more traffic to the middle and eastern parts of the country. Connecticut and New England should be ready to benefit.

See attached Hartford Courant article: Study of Industrial Ports

Keep smiling!


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