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Coronavirus Tips for Property Owners – Don’t just do nothing!!

Three types of people out there: Those who WATCH things happen.  Those who MAKE things happen.  Those who WONDER WHAT happened!  I don’t know if people are overreacting or underreacting to the Coronavirus challenges but let’s all agree…don’t be the person who watches and certainly don’t be the person who wonders!  If you are a building owner, a landlord or a tenant, you need to Make things happen.

I was a participant in a Connect Media podcast on Tuesday afternoon.  One of nine industry leaders (their words, not mine!) who discussed how building owners can keep their tenants and visitors safe.  Some excellent points that might help you work your way through these trying times. Have a listen (https://www.connect.media/video-news-2/).  I have also summarized some of the highlights of the podcast, in case you don’t have the 37 minutes to listen:

While there are certain nuances to handling different types of properties, here are the overarching themes:

  • OVER Communicate with your tenants.  In writing and in person.
  • Plan:
    • Have an incident response plan.  Now, not when it happens!
  • Post in your building a list of best practices for healthy living.
    • Wash your hands…often.
    • Remind your tenants to remind their employees to wash their hands!
    • Avoid close contact.
    • Wear a mask if you are sick.  Actually…If you are sick, stay home!
    • Clean and disinfect.
  • Increase…
    • The amount of cleaning supplies.
    • The number of sanitizing stations.
    • The amount of times your employees clean the space/property.
    • The surfaces you clean (doorknobs, elevator buttons, handrails etc.)
  • Visitors?
    • Vigilantly maintain a visitor’s log.
  • Common Areas?
    • Post signs reminding tenants and visitors of the need to clean used surfaces.
    • Trouble maintaining them at the required level?  Possibly close them temporarily.

Hope this helps!


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