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Life at Sentry Commercial

Levere’s Nonprofit Partnerships

Larry Levere, SIOR, Sentry Commercial’s Director of Office Brokerage, has been involved with non-profit partnerships for a duration of his time as an SIOR. His teamwork with nonprofit partnerships includes the representation of office users/buyers and landlords/sellers. His partnership with the nonprofit, FAVARH, has allowed him to join its Board, eventually furthering as Board President for numerous years.

Listed below are various other non-profit partnerships that Levere has been honored to partake in:

  • Everyday Democracy
  • Plan of CT 
  • Journey Home / A Hand Up 
  • The Bridge Family Center 
  • CT Association for Human Services
  • HEDCO Inc. 
  • Brain Injury Alliance CT 
  • Dialysis Clinic, Inc.
  • Compass Youth Collaborative 
  • New Samaritan Corporation 
  • American Cancer Society 
  • Connecticut AFL-CIO 

Sentry Commercial values the relationships built within the CRE industry. Our team has found significant importance in partnering with nonprofit organizations, as nonprofits provide critical services to the community while building economic stability. Nonprofits strengthen communities, especially as they come together to build on their legacy and their essential rule to the future. Our team finds it honorable and rewarding to belong to projects that have an impact on the legacy of our community and beyond.


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Building Foundations Breakfast

CaringCommunityCollaboration.  This hits on three of Sentry Commercial’s core “C’s”!!  Could not be prouder to participate in and support THE signature Greater Hartford Commercial Real Estate event in 2021.  The Building Foundations breakfast is scheduled for February 4, 2021 and will provide resources to the Greater Hartford CT area to help prevent children and families from slipping into homelessness.  It is a COLLABORATIVE effort of many in this region’s commercial real estate community. SO cool to see and such a great cause!  All us at Sentry Commercial are grateful to be part of such a fantastic community.

Interested in Participating? Click here.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year From Sentry Commercial!

This unexpected year has proven to us that our community thrives from collaboration and care – two principles that our team at Sentry Commercial holds to the highest regard. With our new home at The REC Hartford and a fresh outlook on what a new year will bring, we are eager to see move forward into 2021! Bring it on!

Have a happy and healthy new year!

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Murder Mystery Pic

Sentry Commercial’s Murder Mystery Holiday Event!

Great time at the Sentry Commercial Holiday Event!  So thankful we had so many of our people join us at our Murder Mystery!  So cool to see everyone get into it as much as they did!  Happy Holidays everyone! #LifeatSentryCommercial

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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays From Sentry Commercial!

Happy holidays from your team at Sentry Commercial! Stay warm, safe, and enjoy the valuable time with your loved ones during this holiday season.

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HYPE presentation

HYPE Presentation

Sentry Commercial’s Michael Osgood presented to the MetroHartford Alliance’s young professionals group known as HYPE (Hartford Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs). Michael spoke about the current market environment, tips for buying your first investment property, and how to analyze investment properties. Sentry Commercial is dedicated to giving back to the community and helping young professionals grow to achieve their highest potential.

View Presentation (PDF)


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SIOR’s Leadership to Extend Into 2021

The Sentry Commercial team would like to personally congratulate our President, Mark Duclos, SIOR, CRE, FRICS, on an extended Presidency at the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR).

Due to the world’s current situation, SIOR has proactively decided to extend all current leadership roles by one year.

Duclos will remain President of SIOR into 2021, and we are confident (and proud) that with this leadership, SIOR will be well-positioned to succeed, guide our community, and emerge stronger than ever before.

Read more and view the full list of SIOR’s Board of Directors, Regional Directors, Committee Chairs, and Vice-Chairs: https://www.sior.com/education-and-insights/insights/latest-news-article/2020/05/26/sior-elects-2020officers

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Sentry Commercial is now on YouTube

Sentry Commercial is now on YouTube!

Our team is proud to announce that Sentry Commercial is now on YouTube!

If you haven’t checked out our new channel yet, head on over to: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfmFGKNSrnMgKdrIrMXrBFw

Be sure to subscribe and check back regularly for the latest news, updates, tours, and more from our team!


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SIOR’s Mark Duclos on Serving as a Resource for Members and Communities During COVID-19

Our President, Mark Duclos, SIOR, CRE, FRICS was recently interviewed by SIOR about the pandemic and its effect on the industrial category. We couldn’t be more proud of him for offering his time and tools through SIOR to spread the word and assist our friends and community! Read the full article and Q&A below.

This article is from Connect Media and has been republished with permission from Connect Media.

April 7, 2020

By Paul Bubny

If any property sector seems better positioned than others during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s industrial, at least from the standpoint of a casual observer. The boom in e-commerce has gotten a turbo boost from consumers who are living under government-mandated shelter-in-place orders. However, SIOR President Mark Duclos, an industrial broker himself as president of Sentry Commercial, notes that many other industries that drive demand for industrial space have been hit hard by the shutdown. In this interview with Connect Media, Duclos discusses the impact that COVID-19 has had on industrial and the ways that SIOR has surmounted its temporary inability to hold conferences and become a resource for both its own membership and the communities in which they operate.

Q: What impact has the economic shutdown from COVID-19 had on industrial, or is it too soon to tell?

A: It’s still early in the game. As long as we’ve been in this already, it’s still early in terms of understanding how this is going to affect the market long-term. Short-term, it has absolutely affected the market. The $2-trillion stimulus package is certainly going to be a big help. But you also have supply chains that were affected by the original events in China, and now with the coronavirus happening here, there has been further disruption. However, it seems that supply chains in areas like grocery have stabilized. You’re seeing a better flow of product into grocery stores. On the e-commerce side, Walmart and Amazon have said that they’re hiring and are likely to continue hiring through May. There are certain winners here that are continuing to do what they were doing before the coronavirus, and then some. And there are losers, certainly: the airline industry, retail, the oil and gas industry. Short-term, these companies are in a lot of pain. How long it will take them to get out of it, which affects the long-term prospects for industrial—we don’t know yet.

Q: This is different from something like the 2008 financial crisis, in terms of predicting how it will unfold.

A: Absolutely. In the 2008 financial crisis, you had a meltdown of the financial markets. Here, the financial markets were very healthy. One of the beauties of being in an organization like SIOR is that we have online forums, and our members, some of whom are landlords as well as brokers, have a view into the open market in terms of advising our clients how to proceed. We’re seeing the issue of rent forgiveness coming up, and the other thing we’re seeing on the lending side is three months or six months of interest-only payments, and tag that onto the back of an existing loan. But this is happening very much on a case-by-case basis. Some companies are doing well and don’t need the relief, while others won’t be back in the swing of things for a while.

Q: How is belonging to an organization like SIOR especially valuable at a time like this? And how are members networking in the absence of face-to-face contact?

A: It’s not that you don’t have emergency plans in place, but nobody had a plan for the country being suddenly locked down. So, we’ve been looking at what we can best do as an organization to provide our members with some resources they can use to run their business. Physical networking is gone for a while. We had to cancel our TransACT 360 conference that was scheduled to take place at the end of April, and we’re not holding SIOR chapter meetings. In addition to the open forum, we set up an online town hall where we can discuss specific topics, and share initiatives that we’ve been working on with the members. We’re replacing the lost opportunities from the live events. Forty percent of our membership is independent brokers, and they use SIOR predominantly for information like this.

Q: Talk about SIOR CARE and the impetus behind launching this initiative.

A: When you’re in a situation like this as a group, the first thing you do is to look inward and say, “What do I need to do to survive this crisis?” Then you take a deep breath and say, “How can we help others survive a crisis like this? How can we use our skillsets as brokers and advisors in the real estate industry to help others?” Therefore, we launched the SIOR CARE [Community Assistance and Relief in Emergencies] program in order to reach out to communities—nonprofits, but also for-profits as well—on anything we can do to help them with their real estate resources. It might be a food bank that’s looking for additional warehouse space. It might be the Red Cross that needs more temporary facilities for blood drives. We’re excited to see how this develops.

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We Are Here For You

We’re Still Here For You!

Today’s crisis is certainly creating challenges for all of us, personally and professionally.

Sentry Commercial wants you to know we are here to help you. Our Brokerage & Advisory, Construction Management, Property Management and Residential Services Group were built to operate remotely.

While our physical offices are closed, we are very much providing our clients the service and advice you have come to expect over the last 30 years.

Through it all, please stay safe and healthy.


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Sentry Commercial’s Duclos Joins Industry Experts on New COVID Safety Measures

Recently, Sentry Commercial’s Mark Duclos, SIOR, CRE, FRICS, and fellow CRE experts spoke with Connect Commercial Real Estate via webinar to discuss the safety measures taken amid recent events.

Read the article and watch the webinar below!

View on connect.media

March 20, 2020

“When are office buildings going to be locked down or asked to close? And if that happens, what are tenants going to be requesting of an owner?”

Questions such as this one, posed by Madison Marquette’s Drew Genova, normally wouldn’t be part of the conversation for commercial real estate executives. But, for the moment, they’re reflective of the new normal of social distancing and sheltering in place that has been brought about by the coronavirus pandemic and the efforts by both public and private sectors to contain the spread.

Earlier this month, Connect Commercial Real Estate gathered experts representing each of the major property types for a 40-minute webinar on the impact of COVID-19. Their focus: the measures each is taking to promote a safer environment within their properties, for tenants and visitors alike. Daniel Ceniceros, CEO of Connect Commercial Real Estate, moderated the discussion.

The panelists have been reconvened for a follow-up webinar on property operations during this unprecedented time, in which questions and considerations such as the ones posed by Genova need to be weighed and acted on.

The panelists included:
• Julianne B. Goodfellow, senior director, government affairs, National Multifamily Housing Council
• Mark Duclos, president and co-founder, Sentry Commercial & SIOR President
• Brian Nelson, president and founder, NB Private Capital
• Anjee Solanki, national director retail services | USA, Colliers International
• Drew Genova, chief asset services officer, Madison Marquette
• Michael Oddo, founder and CEO, Metro Services Group
• Peter Hosford, program director, senior industrial hygienist, EBI Consulting
• Jeff Herrera, senior general manager, Rising Realty Partners

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Upward Labs Demo Day is still on! Don't miss this VIRTUAL event April 2nd!

Upward Labs’ Demo Day VIRTUAL Event – April 2nd

Upward Labs Demo Day is still on!


Don’t miss this VIRTUAL event on April 2nd! Upward Labs offers critical solutions within real estate and healthcare industries that can help organizations cope with crisis’ – leaving us feeling strongly about continuing Demo Day remotely.

The Lab offers #AgeTech solutions that allow remote monitoring of patients within assisted living communities and home healthcare agencies. Upward’s #PropTech Lab include advanced air purification and security solutions for home, workspaces, and facilities.

This is a can’t miss – and our team at Sentry Commercial is very fortunate for our relationship with Greg Flynn and Shana Schlossberg at Upward Hartford and Upward Labs.

To register for Demo Day, click here: https://www.moveupward.city/demo-day

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A Time of Giving: Curt Gemme Makes Local Headlines

A Time of Giving: Curt Gemme Makes National Headlines

Over the weekend, on March 21st, Sentry Commercial’s Curt Gemme stumbled upon a store in the Northwest Hills that had plenty of toilet paper in stock. During this growing COVID-19 pandemic, people have been panic-buying toilet paper in excess amounts, making it difficult to find it.

Instead of hoarding it for himself, Gemme went around the area giving it out to people who were in need and couldn’t find it! In fact, he actually made the national news for giving a package to some newlyweds!

“Never could I have imagined the joy in giving something to someone that they so desperately desired,” Gemme said.

It’s acts of kindness like this that we admire – and we’re beyond proud of our teammate Curt! Little efforts go a long way! Thank you, Curt!

Here are some pictures of his experience:

Start with Someone Who Cares™!

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Sentry Scoop: Don’t Miss Upward Labs’ Demo Day Event!

Our team has been fortunate over the past several months to develop a great relationship with Greg Flynn and Shana Schlossberg at Upward Hartford and Upward Labs. Meeting with company CEO’s on partner day proved rewarding and gave us insight as to where technology is going in the medical and commercial real estate property space.

We look forward to the showcase of companies and products at this upcoming event, Upward Labs Demo Day on April 2nd.

At this exciting event, participants will have the opportunity to attend one-on-one sessions with leading startups as they demonstrate their innovations in air quality, building security, IoT, water quality, tenant experience, and more!

These products were finetuned through the Upward Labs program and are piloting their solutions with a marquee list of Fortune 500 companies including Travelers, The Hartford, Carrier, Hartford Steam Boiler, UBS, AXA, XL and more.

This is truly a can’t-miss event, especially if you’re in the area. It will run from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM on April 2nd.

It’s very rewarding to contribute to providing more opportunities in our home, Hartford, Connecticut (and beyond) with organizations that are bringing more business and startups to the mix.

To register for Demo Day, click here: https://www.moveupward.city/demo-day

More about Upward Labs:
Upward Labs is a leading Connecticut based venture fund that helps fast-track PropTech and AgeTech startups, creates an opportunity to network, demo products, and showcase their applications to various areas of commercial real estate.

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Mark Duclos, SIOR, CRE, FRICS on NAI Global’s Diving Into CRE

Sentry Commercial’s President Mark Duclos, SIOR, CRE, FRICS, had a conversation with NAI Global SVP, Simon Hartzell about the difference SIOR can make in your CRE career! Tune into Episode 13 of Step Up Your Marketing Game by watching below!


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Hartford's Upstart Ecosystem

Sentry Commercial’s Curt Gemme on Hartford’s Upstart Ecosystem

Twenty years ago I would describe the vibe in Hartford as non existent. Nobody lived downtown to speak of and at the end of the day it was like a ghost town.

Now getting back involved in Hartford over the past 5 months has been an amazing experience. I was excited to dig in and see just what was going on in Hartford today. I had dozens of lunches with Hartford’s business leaders and participated in a multitude of networking events through the BOMA and REFA organizations. I was asked by Devra Sisitsky, Executive Director, MakerspaceCT to be part of their Legacy Committee.

I attended some the best Christmas parties and talked with hundreds of people. The result I can tell you is that there is an ecosystem which exists. It’s about culture, community, collaboration and innovation. Businesses partnering with each other to effect change in how their industries, including Insurance, Healthcare, Commercial Real Estate, etc will work in the future.

What’s even more amazing is Hartford is culturally rich with companies and entrepreneurs coming into the city from over 50 countries. In fact, Hartford, for many of these entrepreneurs it is their first ever entry point into the United States. Grey Flynn, Director of Upward Hartford Labs and I were at an event at the Stanley Innovation Center in downtown and we were trying to determine just how many startups are coming through Hartford each year. We think it could now be close to 100 startups a year. Wow!

Hartford has become one of the top 10 markets for technology jobs and one of the top markets for college grads looking to find a job. University of Connecticut’s downtown campus is at maximum capacity with 1650 undergrads and 1650 graduate students. There are now over 2,500 downtown residents, with more coming to work in our City from all over the place. Not to mention new renovation apartment construction on Pearl Street, 101 units all leased in under 6 months.

So what is Hartford’s upstart ecosystem? Digital Health CT, Rainmaking, Startubootcamp, Nassau-Re, Re-set, Stanley Innovation Center, InsurTec, Medtec, Launch Hartford, MakerspaceCT. All organizations driving innovation through programs, mentoring, funding and leadership to give these entrepreneurs a better chance of success.

Just this week Digital Health CT held its Velocity Demo Day 2020 at the Bushnell and we had the opportunity to hear from 10 different medtec companies. With close to 600 people in attendance, this was an amazing event. Also, this week we’re humbled to be part of Upward Hartford Labs partner week where we meet with 5 CEO’s of PropTec companies that are looking to launch their businesses over the next year. So yes, Hartford has created a vibe and it’s unique and culturally diverse. Very exciting times for Hartford today and ahead…

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Sentry Commercial’s Mark Duclos, SIOR, CRE Becomes a RICS Fellow

Sentry Commercial’s Mark Duclos recently became a RICS Fellow, making his title now Mark Duclos, SIOR, CRE, FRICS. This professional achievement entitles Duclos to influence policy and instill the standards of highly qualified trainees and professionals from significant financial markets.

RICS, or The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, is globally recognized for promoting their set of principles in the development and management of real estate, land, construction, and infrastructure. Governments, investors, consumers, and other stakeholders are impacted by the responsibility and commitment of this fellowship. With the use of trusted data and insight, the 134,000 qualified members aim to provide solutions to present challenges while making innovations for future generations.

Sentry Commercial’s team is honored to be part of an organization whose leadership represents positive change in the built and natural environments.

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SIOR Induction 2020 Mark Duclos

SIOR Inducts Sentry Commercial’s Duclos To 2020 Board of Directors

This article originally appeared in SIOR’s online publication

Interviewed by Roger Mecca & Alexis Fermanis – 10/16/2019

Appointment of New Members Made Official During Annual Fall World Conference in Portland, Ore.

WASHINGTON, DC – The Society of Industrial and Office Realtors® (SIOR), the world’s leading commercial real estate association, announced today they have installed a new Board of Directors to lead the organization’s efforts for the next twelve months. The new members were sworn in during SIOR’s Fall World Conference, held in Portland, OR, October 17-19, 2019, and will remain in their roles until the end of October 2020, after serving a one-year term. Mark J. Duclos, SIOR, CRE, assumed the role of global president, following his year as the board’s President-Elect. Duclos is currently the president of Sentry Commercial in Hartford, CT and has been an SIOR since 2003.

Patrick J. Sentner, SIOR, took office as SIOR’s president-elect. After serving in this role for one year, Sentner will assume his role as president of the Board in the fall of 2020. He is the executive vice president of CBRE, in Pittsburgh, PA and became an SIOR in 2002.

Patricia J. Loveall, SIOR, took control as the board’s vice-president. After serving a one-year term as Vice President, Loveall will serve as President-elect for a year and then step into the Presidency of SIOR in the fall of 2021. Loveall is an executive vice president and partner with Kidder Mathews in Seattle, WA and has been an SIOR since 1997.

Christopher Curtis, SIOR, took office as president of the SIOR Foundation. He will serve a one-year term. Curtis is currently principal with Nugent Curtis Real Estate in Kankakee, IL.

A complete list of SIOR leadership can be found HERE.

“Since becoming an SIOR over 15 years ago, I have been continually impressed with our members”, Duclos says.  “Our members are not just talented at what they do…they are good people with a commitment to decency and doing things right.  This is an exciting time for commercial real estate, with incredible growth in many markets.  That growth, however, is simultaneously creating fresh challenges.  New technology, e-commerce, shared workspaces, flex-office, last-mile warehousing – they are all creating new demands and challenges across the country.  We believe that SIOR and our members are well-positioned to be the best resource for landlords, tenants, and investors looking for expertise and guidance as we approach 2020.”


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Sentry Commercial’s Mark Duclos, SIOR, CRE is Inducted as President of SIOR

On Thursday, October 17th, Sentry Commercial’s President, Mark Duclos, SIOR, CRE was inducted as the President of the Society of Industrial and Office REALTORS® (SIOR) at the 2019 SIOR Fall World Conference.

Nearly 1,000 of the world’s most knowledgeable commercial real estate professionals met to discuss the trends, opportunities, and challenges in the CRE industry and were able to listen to Duclos’ vision for his new role. 

The team at Sentry Commercial was proud to have attended this significant event! We would like to congratulate our President Mark on his induction and continued success for SIOR as well as send a special thank you to Robert Thornburgh, SIOR, CCIM, for his recent leadership of SIOR and continued support.

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Making the Most of an SIOR Conference

Duclos Discusses Making the Most of an SIOR Conference

Tips From Your President

SIOR Sits Down with Mark Duclos, SIOR, CRE


This article originally appeared in SIOR Pulse

Interviewed by Alexis Fermanis October 16, 2019

You’ve brought your business cards, you’ve scheduled your networking events, and you’re ready to mix, mingle, and learn. We’re ready to help you succeed and enjoy a fantastic event. We sat down with incoming SIOR Global President Mark Duclos, SIOR, CRE for some insider tips on how to make the most of an SIOR conference.

SIOR: You’ve been to 32 conferences, and quite a few now as a member of the SIOR Board of Directors. How does it feel to now be leading the conference as the next SIOR President?

Duclos: It’s awesome! I remember coming to my first conference and I was scared to death. The content was great…the people were great…but I didn’t know anyone! But once I got out of my comfort zone and began meeting people, it became incredibly fulfilling. I stuck with it!!! Now 16 years later I am the President of SIOR and the rest is history! I am the President of THE organization that has made THE most significant impact on my professional career (and in many ways my company and my life)! President of an organization whose members humble me daily. Many members who I aspire to be like.

SIOR: What’s the one thing you never forget to pack for an SIOR event?

Duclos: It’s actually three items…my cards, my SIOR pin (wear it!) and ibuprofen (lots of great, long nights!). SIOR is about a lot of things, but first and foremost it’s about connections. Meeting people! Great people! And that can mean a late night or two…or three! Of course my business cards and my pin say EVERYTHING about WHO I AM!

SIOR: What’s the first thing you do when you arrive?

Duclos: My conference prep actually starts before I step on the plane. I review the schedule and the attendee list and make a plan for who I want to meet or reach out to while here. I try to schedule meetings in advance to carve out some time to meet.

SIOR: What advice would you give to a first-time conference attendee?

Duclos: Dive In! Everyone is likely here for the same reason…to meet people! The good news here is the people you meet are also here to help you! It’s here that we exchange meaningful discussions and build lasting relationships. It’s ALL about relationships!!! You get what you give. Don’t bury yourself in your room and don’t be afraid to start a conversation or join in and introduce yourself. Even let them know you are new! You’ll be amazed (or maybe you won’t) at how welcoming everyone is!

SIOR: What’s the biggest takeaway from any conference you’ve been to?

Duclos: People want it to happen now. But what you really are doing is investing in yourself — taking the time to learn something new; getting out of your comfort zone; making new connections and expanding your world. If I gave up on my first couple of experiences…I would not be here today and I certainly wouldn’t have close to the success I have had in my career. SIOR is first and foremost about PEOPLE. People who understand the BIG picture and people who are willing to invest in their future. And what’s really different…People who are willing to help YOU! My biggest takeaway from a conference? Invest in your future. Get out of your comfort zone!!

 SIOR: What are you most excited for here in Portland? Is there a single session you are really looking forward to?

Duclos: I am so excited and totally honored to be the President of SIOR. So, Portland to me is a very different experience than any other conference. All our educational sessions always give me take-home value. It’s amazing to me how I will get home from these conferences and educational sessions and almost immediately help a client with something I learned at the SIOR conference. SIOR education gives you immediate street-cred with your clients…even here in little ole Hartford CT!

SIOR: Can you tell us three of your best tips for ensuring a successful event?

Duclos: 1. Be yourself. BUT, get out of your comfort zone. 2. Understand you get what you give. This is not an immediate return (although I did do a 580,000 SF lease, 3 years after being an SIOR). Don’t make it more complicated than it is…Go meet people!!! 3. When you meet someone new or catch up with someone, make some notes of some personal or professionally important details that you can follow up with later (I scribble notes on the back of the business cards I receive). Those extra personal touches go a long way in building lasting relationships.

SIOR: What are the biggest questions you expect to be asked at the conference? Or – what are the hottest topics you expect to be discussed at the conference?

Duclos: I expect a lot of chatter around the demise of WeWork (Is this the end of shared workspace?)! Also: What are the biggest challenges to CRE brokerage in today’s world?…E-Commerce! The “R” word! Technology…prop tech…CoStar and data!



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