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Broker Confidence Rises in New SIOR Survey

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Confidence in experiencing favorable market conditions six months from now is up slightly in SIOR’s second monthly survey of members, rising from 6.04 for the April survey to 6.22 in May. However, the organization’s office brokers have less confidence than their industrial counterparts, according to SIOR’s May 2020 Sentiment Survey.

Focusing on current conditions, the newly-released survey results charted significant changes in the overall status of current transactions. There was just over a 5% increase in transactions progressing on schedule and a 3% decrease in the number of transactions on hold by clients.

“There has been a lot of speculation and discussion about what might be or could be taking shape, but this is the first time the best brokers in the business have weighed in to share what’s really happening and the confidence our professionals have for the industry several months from now,” said SIOR president Mark Duclos.

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