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Bloom Natural Health

Bloom Natural Health’s Dr. Sharon Hunter and Dr. Christine Louden, licensed Naturopathic physicians, have been providing thoughtful, science-based natural healthcare in West Hartford for over 15 years.

They are trained experts in integrative and functional medicine and they utilize natural therapies to help you understand why you are sick, learn how to become healthy with the assistance of an individualized treatment plan, and move beyond the lack of disease and strike for optimal health.


Hunter and Louden needed to find a new, suitable space as they were establishing their practice in West Hartford.



Hunter and Louden enlisted Sentry Commercial to help them find their new location.


Bloom Natural Health leased 1,800 square feet on the upper two floors at 95 South Main St., a 3,000 square foot building which was recently purchased by Dr. Paul McKenna, who relocated his orthodontic practice to the first floor. The building offers free parking and is a short walk to West Hartford Center.

bloom natural


david fathom bloom natural doctors“Christine is thrilled with her new offices and has a great relationship with the landlord. Their business is booming and their offices’ spa-like feel is just right for their clientele. Thanks for helping her find such a great place for her to start her new business!”

-David Louden, Partner at Fathom

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