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A bit of good news.

Mark Duclos

In a world where the cost of everything just seems to be going up and up, along comes the news that our electric rates are actually going down!  Yes, DOWN! In case you missed it, Connecticut’s overall rates have dropped from about 18 cents per kilowatt hour to approximately 16 cents. We can no longer boast that we have the second highest energy rates in the country because we have dropped to fourth! Good news at a time that we all need good news.

On another positive front…don’t look now but things are starting to turn a bit in the CRE world. The uptick in hiring has had a slight positive effect on the overall markets here in Connecticut and Western MA. I’ll have more on that in my next blog.

See attached Hartford Business Journal article re: electricity costs: CT falls to fourth most expensive

Keep smiling! (and enjoy the holiday season)


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