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9 Quick Tips To Achieve The Best Relationships in Real Estate

At Sentry Commercial, the relationships we create are the foundation of our business. Every success story starts with a solid relationship. Instead of just trying to “do a deal”, we develop long-term relationships and assist our clients well beyond any single transaction…

Sounds easy, right?

Although the concept itself seems effortless, it is actually a very long-term approach that requires patience.

Here’s our quick start guide on building relationships in real estate!

1. Join a Real Estate Association

Let’s start off with the basics. Become a part of your real estate industry. Grow a network of colleagues. Colleagues you can trust…Colleagues you can bounce ideas off of…Colleagues you might even refer business.

2. Getting Involved with Your Community

Besides building your own community, it’s important to spend some time focusing on supporting your local one. Take part in charity and volunteer events, town meetings, etc.

This has multiple benefits. It shows you care about your community and it becomes personal and not sales based… Show your community you care about them and they will, in turn, care about you.

3. Get Involved in an Industry Association

What associations do your prospective clients belong to? Be a part of their associations. Get to know them and learn what’s important to them. Because what’s important to THEM is important to YOU!

4. Establish an Online Presence

Think about what your audience values then use different channels to push out your message.

There are 3 online resources that you should take advantage of:

  1. Social Media
  2. Blogging
  3. Online Reviews

Posting good content regularly through social media and blogging will position you as a knowledgeable, thoughtful force.

One thing hasn’t changed. The best type of referral you get is by word of mouth. Obtaining online reviews is priceless.

5. More Openness = More Trust / Give to Get

The more you share, the more informed your clients are, which leads to more trust and more value.

6. Celebrate Every Triumph

Remember to celebrate every triumph – whether it’s related to your relationship or something going on in your associate or client’s life.

A simple sentiment goes a long way, which brings us to the next point…

7. The Little Things

Think about each relationship you’ve created or are just beginning to create. What makes it special? What can you do to nurture and grow it?

Show you value your relationship and you want to keep building on it. Think of the little things because the little things are more meaningful than you realize.

8. Every Relationship is Different

Every single relationship you establish will be different. This is not a “one size fits all” world so don’t approach each client the same. Each relationship is unique so tailor your approach to that relationship accordingly.


None of this works if you don’t care or if you only care about what’s in it for you. You need to care about your client.

Keep these tips in the back of your mind, make the effort, and see what happens!


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